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Francis Tilley was a man of vision, a man with a dream - he wanted to capture the flavours of life and share them with his family, friends, neighbours, strangers - anyone who longed for a sweet.

But Francis was a perfectionist - so these were no ordinary sweets.

In 1885 Tilley began to make confectionery in his small shop in London. His exotic favours were procured from the far-reaching corners of the British Empire, his sugar transported from the New World - his sweets tasted like nothing England had ever witnessed before.

From that small shop in London in 1885 Tilley’s Sweets grew and prospered and today we strive to achieve the same high standards established over a century ago and share with you Tilley’s superbly exquisite confectionery, derived from the best ingredients available today.

In Tilley’s Sweets Francis Tilley achieved what he set out to do and is now the first and last world in traditional boiled sweets throughout the world. Famous for his amazing Mint Humbugs, superb Sherbet Lemons, exquisite Chocolate Limes and traditional Rhubarb and Custard, Tilley’s Sweets promises to deliver the best in traditional English boiled sweets.

Today the Toffee and Boiled Sweets are made in the same traditional fashion, the ingredients are hand filled and boiled in copper kettles, then laid out to cool on tables, and cut into sections by heated knives.

Today our range has broadened to include a wide range of Traditional Toffees, Jellies, and Boiled Sweets as well as chocolate with some of our well known brands enjoyed in the far corners of the world.

We hope that you enjoy eating Francis Tilley’s uniquely special legacy of quintessential confectionery made for most discerning of palettes.

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